happy mothers day!

natalie_bunny_smallhappy mothers day from all of us here at becothings… we hope you’ve all bought your mummies some becohangers as a pressie!

we had a little mothers day celebration in the jungle today, with all the beco parents in attendance… all my brothers and sisters came along to and i must say the jungle got a little crowded. my youngest brothers and sisters made good use of our becopotties though!

we took a team photo so you could all see how great the jungle looked…

the photo shoot went very smoothly in comparison to the previous ones… i think it was because mummy teddy was there to keept toby in check! he was a very well behaved teddy all day… though he did sneak third helpings of the yummy cake mummy dog made!

hope you all have a great weekend and buy your mummies lots of nice pressies for mothers day tomorrow!

natalie the bunny. x.

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