That’s a lot of steps! New BecoSteps just in.

Our latest product, the BecoStep – a step up stool that now compliments our hugely successful potty, recently arrived in our main UK warehouse and is already finding its was to a number of retailers. Toby the Teddy and the team have been working hard with the design over the last couple of months, testing and prototyping the step to ensure that the finished product is of excellent quality as well as having our usual eye catching design style. Particular focus has been on achieving a top surface that provides as much grip as rubber but just utilising our unique biodegradable material. As with the BecoPotty it is available in three colours – natural, pink and blue. Click here to find out more.

Here’s a fun photo of a lot of steps out while the guys were doing a stock and quality check:

Lots of BecoSteps!

Lots of BecoSteps!


Angus the Dog

Angus the Dog


New Becobowls

Great news!

Toby the Teddy has just got back from the factory where production has just begun on our new Becobowls, the biodegradable pet bowls, and is over the moon with the first ones off the line.

Check the website for more information soon.

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