be [b]eco-beautiful.

a while ago i let you know about all the best eco-fashion brands around. combined with our becohangers, wardrobes across the country have become friendly to all things eco. but, my mission to convert you all into eco-bunnies doesn’t end there…

not only am i a fashion-savvy bunny, i’m also rather beauty-savvy. oh yes, i’m a real all rounder. so now you are fashion forward, it’s time to become beauty brilliant with my review of the best eco-beauty brands around at the moment.

each year we spend hundreds, sometimes thousands, of pounds on beauty products. but a lot of the time it isn’t always clear where the products we are buying come from, what exactly they contain and how they have been tested. beauty product packaging is also a concern, and something which isn’t always possible to recycle. our planet provides us with a plentiful source of all natural and sustainable ingredients and for that deserves to be looked after in return. after all, it’s not only us who should get to look as stunning as possible!

it is worth bearing in mind that products containing chemicals which harm the environment are also likely to be harming your skin. this is why eco-friendly beauty is not only beneficial to the environment, but beneficial to you. everyone has their favourite beauty buys, but from now on, try and do a bit of research into your favourite brands and products. do they test products on animals? do they use ingradients from a sustainable source? do they contain harmful chemicals? can the packaging and any un-used product be recycled or disposed of without posing a threat to the environment? if that all seems a bit daunting, no need to abandon your beloved shade of lippy just yet… i have done a bit of research for you and found some of the best eco-friendly beauty brands:

green people []: here you can buy everything from skincare to toothpaste and health supllements. a real one stop beauty shop!

lush []: also available in stores, these freah handmade cosmentics will leave you and the environment smiling.

essential care []: the first brand to develop and organic certified shampoo, the site also has lots of lovely essential oils.

so organic []: this great site is a beauty bible for all things organic. choose from a range of brands and products, including vegan alternatives.

dr hauschka []: a firm favourite with celebs, this world renound brand focuses of being ethically and socially responsible.

florame []: a great range of certified organic perfumes and stress busting aromatherapy oils, perfect for relaxing to whilst pampering youself.

puresha []: another site carrying a great range of eco brands popular with celebs. you can also search products using criteria such as ‘vegan’ and ‘carbon neutral’.

the body shop []: one of the leaders in eco beauty, the body shop has a fantastic make-up range for all skin tones.

when it comes to disposing of your beauty buys, make sure you do so in a responsible way. never flush any products… even 100% organic products can have a negative effect of the delicate pH balance of the water table. in industrialised nations our consumerism and personal habits are now the primary sources of contamination of fresh and ocean water. if your products are not biodegradable, the best solution is to decant all unwanted toiletries into a single container and place it in your normal rubbish. purchasing products from eco-friendly brands, like those listed above, will greatly reduce the negative imapct on the environment as their products are designed to be recycled and bio-degradable.

now you know that beauty products aren’t just skin deep, you can become a beco-babe with the best eco-friendly beauty buys out there. who needs gok wan when you have me?!

natalie the bunny. x.

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