John Lewis and JoJo Maman Bébé stock Eco-friendly Hanger

I just wanted to give everybody a quick update on the latest sales of our eco-friendly hangers, the Becohanger.

John Lewis have been stocking the Becohangers since late november and the sales have been strong. Supplying John Lewis was a real buzz for us and seeing the complete range of 12 different design nationwide really showed that Becothings is taking off! At the moment the full range is available in the Haberdashery department, but in some stores they can also be found within the main hanger selection. We are hoping that John Lewis will launch the product online sometime in the new year.

Recently JoJo Mama Bebe also came on board as a Becothings stockist and have added 3 of our children’s hanger designs to there catalogue and online store. We have not had a full sales report yet but I heard a rumour that the Teddies were easily the best selling design!

Eco-Friendly Cardboard Hanger


Welcome to our blog…

George the GiraffeHello everyone and welcome to our new Becoblog. We want to use this blog to tell you as much as possible about our eco friendly alternatives to everyday products, how things are going in the BecoOffice, and more importantly to discuss our products with you.   So please let us know what you think about Becothings and use this blog to discuss any environmental issues that you feel we are addressing or could help out with.

A little update…

Since Christmas I’ve been very happy about our biodegradable coat hangers -Becohangers – that are selling well in John Lewis and are now stocked at Jo Jo Mama Bebe, where our new Becopotty will soon be on sale (www.JoJoMamanBebe.co.uk). While I’ve been slaving away in the BecoOffice Toby the Teddy has been getting very excited as he’s been at the factory overseeing our new products which are just around the corner and are going to be launched on our website any day now! Look out for more Becohangers, and a biodegradable dog bowl – yes you guessed it, it’s called the Becobowl!

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