becohangers deserve eco fashion.

Natalie the Bunny

as any fashion savvy bunny knows, eco hangers as nice as the becothings range deserve equally pretty and eco friendly clothes.

it’s not always easy to find out whether the clothes you buy in stores come from sustainable and fair trade sources, so i have put on my sexy secretary glasses and done a bit of research to find the best planet saving fashion out there…

fashion conscience is a great site for all things fashion and eco related: www.fashion-conscience.com. not only can you buy online, but you can also pick up tips on the latest trends and labels.

some of my favourite eco labels are…

rani jones: www.ranijones.com

enamore: www.enamore.co.uk

ciel: www.cielshop.co.uk

miksa: www.miksa.co.uk

all are dedicated to sourcing sustainable and environmentally sound clothing that is still at the forefront of fashion. plus, they are very flattering on bunny ears…

finally, to go with your amazing new eco friendly clothes, what better than vintage recycled bags and accessories? check out poppy valentine [www.poppyvalentine.com] and matt&nat [www.mattandnat.co.uk] for planet saving prettiness.

just make sure you remember to stock up on our becohangers to hang everything on!

natalie the bunny. x.

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