Now that the sun is out, is it time to ditch the diaper?

Hurray, it is finally here! The long awaited spike in temperature has arrived in full force, paving the path towards avid trips to great spaces of green and splash sessions in paddling pools.
Many parents choose this season of the year (especially when it makes a commitment to stay with us), to potty train their little ones as it is warm enough for a toddler to be nude and comfortable, plus it doesn’t amount to a rapid increase in the laundry hamper pile.
Even if you choose to follow the strip down instead of the strip off toddler potty training routine, fewer layers offers the opportunity to avoid little accidents and to introduce pull ups or underwear which can help the process along at a swifter pace.
However, does the presence of the sun really mean it is the best time to change our habits and routines? Will potty training be a greater success in a heat wave or is this just an excuse to put it off forever (if you live in the UK)? There are definitely two sides to this debate.
Some parents suggest that during the colder months of the year you spend more time indoors, and this gives parents an opportunity to create a schedule for a potty visits after meals. Therefore the art is mastered swiftly and in a structured fashion. Oh we can dream!
However and whenever you choose to grab your BecoPotty and potty train, don’t forget to have fun with it as they will all learn eventually but some added enthusiasm and encouragement will definitely go a long way.

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