BecoPotty Wins Silver at Mother & Baby Awards

Mother and Baby Awards - Best New Innovation 2009

Well we have done it again! Everybody in the office is thrilled to announce the Becopotty won the Silver award in the Best New Innovation category at the annual Mother & Baby Awards.

Now in their 17th year, the M&B Awards are the Oscars of the nursery industry and the most trusted brand approval mark for consumers.

The Becopotty is the first eco-friendly alternative to the common plastic potty. Made from rice husks, a waste product of rice farming, the Becopotty is highly sustainable and completely biodegradable when finished with. Totally unique to the market, the Becopotty works in exactly same way as a traditional potty and can be used right through potty training. When finished with the Becopotty can be buried in the garden compost or left for landfill. Here it will slowly start to break down and over the next 3-5 years biodegrade.

Just being shortlisted was a major success for a small company like us – so it was a massive surprise to go home with the Silver. Approximately 17 million potties go to landfill every year worldwide, where they take 100’s of years to breakdown. The Becopotty solves a really big problem and we believe our products could make a really positive environmental impact.


New Stockists of the Becopotty!


Since the Harrogate show, Toby the Teddy has been very busy taking orders for the Becopotty  – the eco friendly potty- great for us, but not so good for the normal plastic potty manufacturers!  Things are looking up for environment though, once our potties have been used by by all those toddlers out there they will either be composted outside or put in to landfill.  In both cases they will biodegrade quickly and wont leach any horrible poisons into the earth because they’re made out of rice husk and bamboo…Unlike those smelly pvc potties!

A selection of our new eco friendly stockists -

Green Baby –

Jo Jo Maman Bebe –

Bebeco –—becopotty-1320-p.asp

Olivers Baby Care ––Eco-Friendly-Potty/37pol1559p.asp

George the Giraffe


Snapped! Becopotties out for delivery

Hi Guys, just caught Toby the Teddy sorting out a delivery of our potties to JoJo Maman Bebe and though I’d get a photo of them all boxed up…sorry if you thought the photo was going to be more interesting! Anyways, Toby the Teddy has been working hard to make sure that even the packing boxes on these ones are in brand and they look very smart. Each box has 16 Becopotties and the van used for that delivery was pretty full to say the least.
Becopotties boxed up and ready for delivery

Check these out in store very soon at JoJo Maman Bebe!

Angus the Dog

Angus the Dog


Welcome to our blog…

George the GiraffeHello everyone and welcome to our new Becoblog. We want to use this blog to tell you as much as possible about our eco friendly alternatives to everyday products, how things are going in the BecoOffice, and more importantly to discuss our products with you.   So please let us know what you think about Becothings and use this blog to discuss any environmental issues that you feel we are addressing or could help out with.

A little update…

Since Christmas I’ve been very happy about our biodegradable coat hangers -Becohangers – that are selling well in John Lewis and are now stocked at Jo Jo Mama Bebe, where our new Becopotty will soon be on sale ( While I’ve been slaving away in the BecoOffice Toby the Teddy has been getting very excited as he’s been at the factory overseeing our new products which are just around the corner and are going to be launched on our website any day now! Look out for more Becohangers, and a biodegradable dog bowl – yes you guessed it, it’s called the Becobowl!

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