‘Baby Cool’ award!

1st prize

Here in the BecoThings office we are not the sort to brag about our success and push it in to the laps of our competitors but rather sit back and be proud of our achievements up at Beco HQ.

Even way back in the early days of BecoThings, we didn’t make a big song and dance when we were crowned the UK’s best Green Start-Up Business…

… Or when we won the GLEE award for best pet innovation…

Or when our BecoPotty won the award for ‘Best new innovation” at the annual Mother and Baby awards…
So when we received an email from our lovely French distributor – Selection Naturelle – informing us that our Beco feeding set had won an award for being the no.1 product in the ‘eating’ category at the Babycool Trade show in Paris – we thought we would stay true to tradition, hoist our metaphorical BecoFlag into the air and inwardly cried ‘whoop! Whoop!’ a couple of times. Plus, we’re also filling you in now in case you didn’t know about all of our wonderful achievements we’ve been given over the years, so you’re fully up to date.

Prix des Mamans

Our feeding set was up against products ranging from bottles, plates, bibs, high chairs and booster seats with fierce competition from dozens of competitors. The prizes were awarded by a jury of 7 prominent bloggers, in partnership with the magazine Parole de Mamans, the only parents’ magazine written by mothers and edited by the magazine’s journalists. We wish to extend a big thank you to Selection Naturelle for entering us and an even bigger thank you to Parole de Mamans for knowing a top-notch product when they see one!

We’re chuffed whenever we win a prize; everybody loves positive feedback for their hard work. But winning prizes isn’t our goal. We’re just trying to create great eco-friendly products for pets, babies and toddlers that are convenient, colourful and practical.

Mothers and pet owners clearly love our products, but we’ve got plenty more tricks up our sleeves for even more great products for you all to enjoy. Learning and innovation go hand in hand. We obviously want to produce things that people want. We are going to continue to do that in an environmentally responsible way, while still being aware of the physical, scientific, and practical issues that we have to deal with.

Please forgive us for the slightly boastful blog post, but everyone is allowed to take pride in their achievements from time to time, right? Thanks for reading and remember – stay eco!

Prix des mamans Beco Feeding Set

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