Wait… Good News?? In the Newspapers?? Really…??!

Here at BecoThings, we sometimes find ourselves shocked and appalled by the stories we read about in the news with regard to pets and the mistreatment they can receive at the hands of us humans. That’s why today, we were especially happy to open up the morning papers only to find two stories that can do nothing but lift the spirits of every animal lover out there!


Okay firstly, meet Cola the cat (see picture) who currently resides in Kent – known affectionately by some and sarcastically by others as the ‘Garden of England!’ So it turns out that Cola is just a nod and a wink away from being officially ratified by the Guinness World Records as the oldest cat that has ever lived! Cola is just about to complete her 28th successful orbit of our Sun! 28 years old!? This not only makes her older than three quarters of the team here at BecoThings but would actually make her, in cat years, 140 years old!! Her owner, Mary Goldsmith, puts this down to ‘a lot of love and attention and just being looked after’ – That’s what we like to hear! Mary, the BecoThings office salutes you! And as soon as I have finished writing this blog I am going to find your address and post you a Cat BecoBowl so that Cola can eat her 140th birthday meal in style!
This is not just a good day for cats, oooh no, canine lovers out there should be feeling equally chirpy this morning at the news that a company in the U.S has created the world’s first Dog Food to achieve human grade rating! Apparently the owner, Lucy Postins, is so confident in the quality of the food that she spends her days sampling bowls of her companies’ pet food (guaranteeing her strong teeth and a nice shiny coat!) Safe to say, we have come a long way from the time where pets were seen as inferior and undeserving of quality food (illustrated by the way we English ended up coining the famous phrase to describe a rubbish meal as ‘making a dogs dinner out of it!) Us pet lovers are now becoming increasingly educated on the reality of many conventional pet food ingredients and are making steps to shift away from purchasing poor quality dog food. Lucy continues, “By tasting the food myself, it’s a sound way of assuring people I mean what I say about my products’ integrity and quality.”



Lucy – if the BecoThings staff could reach across the Atlantic and high-five you then we would. But we can’t, so in the meantime we just going to preach about your amazing dog food company – The Honest Kitchen – to our customers whenever we get the opportunity. C’mon world, give us some more Lucy’s! Perhaps we may live to see the day where the phrase ‘making a dogs dinner out of it’ describes a well presented, top-notch meal in a posh restaurant!

With those two little nuggets of heart-warming news to put a skip in your stride, we at BecoThings bid you all a lovely week! Stay tuned for more from us shortly. In the meantime – stay Eco!

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