The Chronicles of a BecoBowl (part 2)

BecoBowls have been bringing life to some stony faces around London! Despite having no appetite as such, London’s most famous animals have been lapping up the must have BecoBowl, made sustainably from plant fibres, these bowls unlike plastic ones, won’t outlive their owners!

Ernest the Elephant (and Castle!)

Nancy the natural BecoBowl is Ernest the elephant's bowl of choice

Daphne the Dragon

Daphne the Dragon is very protective over her beloved new pink BecoBowl!


Michael Faraday shows off BecoThings engineering triumph outside the Institute of Engineering and Technology in Savoy Place.

Lawrence the Lion

Lawrence the Lion is expecting a large dinner judging by his collection of BecoBowls!

Lotti the Lioness

Kevin the Kudu is regretting trying to pinch Lotti the Lioness' dinner from her BecoBowl!

Can you name this smart critter?

Can you name this smart critter?

BecoBowl up for grabs if you can name this smart critter and where he hangs out.

Enter on BecoThings’ Facebook page

What with such ferocious looking owners we hope these BecoBowls are safe from looting tonight!

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