The Chronicles of a BecoBowl- Bertie goes to Wimbledon Tennis

The life of a BecoBowl is a happy one, every BecoBowl knows its roots… made sustainably from plant waste and biodegradable after their long and happy lives they are smug little things, reveling in their eco credentials. Bertie the cheeky Blue BecoBowl, is even luckier than most BecoBowls- he’s a bowl about town. This week Bertie was lucky enough to get Centre Court tickets at Wimbledon Tennis where he sat among the suited and booted to watch Andy Roddick and Andy Murray!

Bertie was sad to see Andy Roddick beaten in straight sets by Feliciano Lopez but he managed to cheer himself up a little bit in the members bar before going back onto Centre Court to watch Andy Murray!


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