Potty Training the FUN way

Potty training needn’t be a looming nightmare for parents and children alike- have a look at our fun BecoTips and enjoy this exciting milestone with your tot.

Fun 1. Help your little one to write their name or draw on their potty with pens- making the potty fun will automatically make your child more inclined to use it.

Fun 2. Let your child choose the colour of their Potty as this can help promote a positive association with it (Ben at the BecoOffice chose a Pink BecoPotty) and encourage them to name it (Ben likes to call his the BecoThrone!)

Fun 3. Play your little one’s favourite CD when they use the potty in order to maintain interest. Alternatively play their favourite song when they perform!

Fun 4. Create a star chart for your little one, let them put stickers up after a successful potty trip and reward them with a small treat after five stickers.

Fun 5.  Find books with a toilet training theme and read them with your tot. Our favourite from childhood is Tony Ross’ “I want my potty”.

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