Eco friendly Potty Training Tips

Why not potty train the green way. Here are our BecoTips on how to potty train your child and help save the planet while you do it! (All in a days work ay mums and dads!?)

Green 1. Make sure you buy an Eco Friendly Potty, Ben recommends his BecoPotty because it was made sustainably and it will be biodegradable once he has finished his training!

Green 2. Use Training Pants that are made from non-chlorine materials or are machine washable. These create less waste and provide an eco friendly alternative to conventional pull up nappy pants.

Green 3. Start potty training as early as you can (when your child is ready) and get them out of nappies to help reduce nappy waste. The BecoPotty is small enough to enable you to start potty training from when your baby can sit unassisted if you want to!

Green 4. Try to potty train during summer months so that clothes can be removed and hopefully less washing will be created!

Green 5. Once Potty Training is complete- Ceremoniously bury your BecoPotty in the garden (it will biodegrade over time when in contact with soil as it is made from waste plant fibres). If you plant a sunflower in it you can let your child watch it grow up just like they have done!

Once your child has potty trained the eco friendly way he becomes a BecoBaby. Please do send us photos of your potty graduate for the BecoArchives!

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