Potty Training Tips

June is National Potty Training Month!

Mums all over the place are buying their potties, clearing their diaries and getting ready for lots of tiny toilet talk.

We’re going join them…

Here at the BecoOffice we have been Potty Training Ben the Elephant and we would like to share with you some of our top BecoTips for successful BecoPotty Training.

1. Don’t be too eager when potty training, make sure you are only presenting the potty to your child at the appropriate times, if your child get’s bored of their potty they are less likely to successfully train. Good times to try are: just before or straight after a nap, about 15 minutes after food or drink or if you can see tell tale signs such as squatting, shifting, facial expression… (you know the ones)… This will help with creating the correct associations with the potty.  Also try to work out a rough pattern in your child’s routine- note down when you are changing nappies the week before you start potty training to try to see the best times for your child to sit on the potty.

2. Take your little one into the loo with you when you go and encourage them to sit beside you- turning taps on can encourage results (don’t leave them running though!)

3. Take your tot to buy a new book or toy to read or play with when on the potty (and only when on the potty). However, do not let your child sit on the potty for longer than five minutes without result (unless results seem imminent)- the toy should be a treat for results on the potty, not the potty an excuse for a treat!

4. Make sure you do not squirm when you empty the potty or if there are any spills! Your child needs to feel comfortable around the potty and if you give them the impression that it is dirty they are likely to try to avoid it. Equally you should name your child’s potty uses in a way that you will not be embarrassed to say in public- if literal terms are going to make you cringe when your child shouts them at you across the park then your child is going to think they are doing something wrong by telling you that they need to go- the exact opposite of how you need to be making them feel.

5. ALWAYS carry spare clothes with you and do not make a fuss when an accident occurs. It is VERY important that there is very little fuss made after an “accident” your child needs to know that if they are trying then an accident is no big deal!

Remember that your child is unique- and you should therefore go at their pace and not the pace of your friends!

Patience is the BecoTopTip for success.

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