BecoBowl Is Named in The Top 10 Pet Supplies of 2010

The unique concept and great looks of the BecoBowl has helped it get into NetPetShop’s top 10 pet supplies of 2010.

NetPetShop praised the bowl based on customer reaction and feedback, saying “We love the simplicity of the BecoBowl. Our customers have raved about it, saying that they are so pleased they have found a bowl that is more environmentally friendly than a regular plastic bowl but looks nice in their kitchen. We find lots of customers come back for a second bowl so they can have one as a food bowl and one as a water bowl. Aside from the eco benefits, our customers also love the BecoBowl because it is shaped in such a way that makes feeding easy, for both dogs and cats.”

The staff also raised another new benefit of the BecoBowl, which excites us even more. “We have had quite a few customers in the past who say their pets will not drink or eat out of bowls made of steel or shiny plastic. After some research we had discovered that dogs (and cats) can feel stressed if they see their reflection in their bowl. This problem is overcome due to the special materials used in the BecoBowl and this is now the product we always recommend in those instances.”

The BecoFamily are over the moon at the accolade from NetPetShop, especially Toby the Teddy, who wants to give everyone at the NetPetShop a very big bear hug…


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