New Stockists of the Becopotty!


Since the Harrogate show, Toby the Teddy has been very busy taking orders for the Becopotty  – the eco friendly potty- great for us, but not so good for the normal plastic potty manufacturers!  Things are looking up for environment though, once our potties have been used by by all those toddlers out there they will either be composted outside or put in to landfill.  In both cases they will biodegrade quickly and wont leach any horrible poisons into the earth because they’re made out of rice husk and bamboo…Unlike those smelly pvc potties!

A selection of our new eco friendly stockists -

Green Baby – http://www.greenbaby.co.uk/

Jo Jo Maman Bebe – http://www.jojomamanbebe.co.uk/detailfash.php?type=FASH&code=B6311&proddesc=Eco-Friendly%20Biodegradable%20Potty&supercategory=&branch=&wcategory=&catdesc=&treecode=TRE00009

Bebeco – http://www.bebeco.co.uk/eco-friendly-biodegradable-potty—becopotty-1320-p.asp

Olivers Baby Care – http://www.olivers-baby-care.co.uk/Becopotty–Eco-Friendly-Potty/37pol1559p.asp

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