Sneak peek – the new BecoScoop

Toby the Teddy has just sent me a photo of our latest pet product, the BecoScoop. Now although Toby & his phone don’t exactly result in professional quality photos (its not a bad effort considering teddies don’t have opposable thumbs!) I thought I would give you a sneaky peek preview.

The BecoScoop is our new pet food scoop to accompany the BecoBowls that continue to sell like hot cakes. It’s a half litre scoop made out of our eco-friendly plant fibre material and will be available in our usual range of colours.

New BecoScoop pet food scoop

The BecoScoop will be on sale soon and if you would like more information on it or pre-order please contact us.

Keep an eye out here for news on more exciting products that are on the way!

Angus the Dog

Angus the Dog

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