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New to our range is eco-friendly pet beds. Available in four colours and four sizes, our BecoBeds features removable washable covers made from a mix of natural cotton and hemp. Inside they’re filled with our eco-stuffing made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Each bed’s stuffing is made of between 25 to 35 bottles resulting in a durable material, that has excellent insulating and wicking properties and can be washed and dried. What’s more we’ve designed the bed to have an unique and innovative shape that suits both “sprawlers” and “snugglers”.

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Mesmerising Nature Captured at The National History Museum.

As a BecoFriend, I’m sure you’re all fairly big animal lovers, and like everyone in the office here absolutely loved the Frozen Planet series that has kept us all in front of the TV when we should probably be out and about! Well don’t worry that it’s nearly all over as there’s more of the same type of stuff to be seen at the National History Museum.  From 21st October 2011 until 11th March 2012, the museum is holding the 2011 Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. We’ve all been to see it and it truly is amazing! It provides a spotlight on the rarely seen wonders of the natural world, and is definitely a must see…

This year’s exhibition wanted to highlight the important impact of humans on wildlife.  This year’s competition winner is Daniel Beltrá who wanted to challenge people to reconsider their relationship with nature.  His photo Still Life in Oil (above) is a shot taken during the infamous BP and Gulf oil spillages which caused mind boggling amounts of damage to bird and animal life.


We think this photo really helps to build awareness on the environmental impacts that companies cause in order to acquire raw materials. We are proud to say that we don’t have to dig to the bottoms of the earth to make BecoThings which are all made from sustainable sourced plant fibres, such as rice husks (the waste product of rice farming) and bamboo. We don’t want to blow our own trumpets but we, like many people are trying to do our bit for the environment and hopefully more companies will start to do the same… So enough of our preaching; make sure you get down to the exhibition as soon as possible, above all it’s a great thing to take the family to!






Lyon’s Eco- Festival of Lights

Forget the bright lights of Blackpool and Vegas and head down to Lyon and take a pre-Christmas trip to get you in the spirit and feast your eyes on the luminous and glittering Festival of Lights in Lyon.

The history of Fête des Lumières pays tribute to the Virgin Mary, who is said to have spared the city from the plague in 1643. So every year up to four million people swarm the city and join to commemorate and give thanks to the Virgin Mary.

The spectacular Lyon Festival of Lights is an annual event that promises to leave you nothing less than awestruck with up to 80 quirky animations and projections on the facades of historic buildings. Don’t be hasty and rush round to see everything, it’s a four day event. So you’ll have plenty of time to peruse the dazzling City of Lyon and you’ll surely want to come back again.

The Festival of Lights is not only a stunning sight, it highlights important environmental issues (and you know this is close to our hearts). You would assume that this four day lighting extravaganza would cost millions, but it surprisingly cost just a measly £3000. This year’s motto, “Light More but Consume Less” aims to get everybody thinking about their carbon footprint. By getting more people outside for the four day extravaganza it’s not only educational but also means fewer people are consuming electricity within their home!

One of the BecoTeam, Lizzy the Lizzard, was lucky enough to enjoy the festival. Have a look below, and watch my star pick spectacle of 2009’s Fête de Lumières.


I have begged George the Giraffe to take the BecoOffice for a business trip for next year!! I currently have everything crossed that he says ‘yes’. Early Christmas Present perhaps?

So don’t hesitate to book a last minute train down to Lyon!


Doing our eco bit for Children In Need

It’s Children In Need time again! The annual event when lots of people go around making a fool of themselves for a good cause.

Here are a couple of Children in Need facts to get you in the spirit:

1.)    The BBC’s first broadcast appeal for children was a five-minute radio programme on Christmas Day in 1927. It raised £1,143 18s 3d and the proceeds were shared with four prominent children’s charities.

2.)    Pudsey made his television debut in 1985. He was designed by Joanna Ball, who named him after the West Yorkshire town where she was born.

Check out our top 5 Eco Friendly Children in Need fundraising ideas:

1. Pay to go to work in fancy dress as an endangered animal– who will dress up as the most obscure and endangered animal!?

2. Colour your hair spotty with vegetable inks.

3. Fine anyone at work a £1 if they don’t recycle their recyclable rubbish

4. A Sponsored hop to work. See photo of Jimbo hopping into Industrial estate all the way from SW3. Great effort Jimbo!

5. Get people to for you to go Veggie for a day (we didn’t enjoy this one in the BecoOffice).

As well as getting involved with some of these fundraising ideas, we have shown our spots by donating ten percent of the retail price of every BecoPotty for the rest of November period. So you can buy your BecoPotty now at www.becothings.com  and be safe in the knowledge that you are not only buying eco, but also helping a great cause!

*Visit http://www.bbc.co.uk/pudsey/ for more information on Children in Need and please donate!


BecoPotty included in a book to celebrate the Best Children’s Brands!

BecoThings are over the moon to hear the news that they’ve been voted to be included in a book which celebrates the best brands and products for children in Germany under the age of 10! The BecoPotty made the shortlist, which showcases brands such as Bugaboo, Hipp Organic, Avent and many more prestigious brands.

The book will be sold throughout Germany in book stores, department stores and nursery stores. Two euros of every book sold will be donated to the charity “Children for a Better World E.V.” http://www.children.de/_englisch/02ueberuns/frameset00.htm. Children for a Better World supports projects both within and outside Germany that address and improve the living conditions and situations of children in desperate need and enable them to take responsibility for their lives.

The BecoTeam are thrilled to bits to be included in a group of brands and products that are so highly thought of worldwide. Thank you to BecoThings Germany and Silvia for all hard work in getting us there!

We’re now hoping that millions of German children will be burying their BecoPotties in the garden after they’ve finished potty training!


National Bring Your Dog to Work Day in aid of Pet Adoption

With the aim of promoting pet adoption across the UK tomorrow is national Bring Your Dog to Work Day! In place since 1999 the day is designed to celebrate man’s best friend in conjunction with highlighting the need to help some of the UK’s under appreciated fury friends.

Studies have in fact shown that dogs in the work place can increase productivity and creativity - we have Rupert to thank then for all the fab ideas flying around the BecoOffice. Thanks Rupert- hard at work as always!






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Happy Father’s Day BecoDads

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY BecoDads from Rupert the BecoDog and all of his friends and family at the BecoOffice. We hope you have had a brilliant day and have had lots of fun with your BecoBeasts and BecoBabies.

Rupert would love to hear what you have been doing? Why not send him a photo at rupert@becothings.com …

Rupert spent his day on the farm with his dad- poor Colin the Cockerel had been hoping for a relaxing father’s day with his little ones- sorry Colin.

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BecoPotty featured on 100% MAG on M6 TV in France

The guys at Baby to B have just let us know that the BecoPotty featured on the 100% MAG show on the M6 channel (Metropole television) in France. For those of you who are not familiar with French TV channels, M6 is the second most watched television network in the French-speaking world so its great to see the BecoPotty making an appearance  on a one of their review shows.

View the video on m6bonus.fr

If you’re not interested in cute bears and cats (how couldn’t you be!), our potty makes it’s appearance at 2:10 minutes into the video. Happy viewing!

Angus the Dog


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Sneak peek – the new BecoScoop

Toby the Teddy has just sent me a photo of our latest pet product, the BecoScoop. Now although Toby & his phone don’t exactly result in professional quality photos (its not a bad effort considering teddies don’t have opposable thumbs!) I thought I would give you a sneaky peek preview.

The BecoScoop is our new pet food scoop to accompany the BecoBowls that continue to sell like hot cakes. It’s a half litre scoop made out of our eco-friendly plant fibre material and will be available in our usual range of colours.

New BecoScoop pet food scoop

The BecoScoop will be on sale soon and if you would like more information on it or pre-order please contact us.

Keep an eye out here for news on more exciting products that are on the way!

Angus the Dog

Angus the Dog


BecoThings and the BecoPotty Launch in France!

Baby To B our French distributor launched the BecoPotty at Paris’ Playtime Trade show last weekend. It was an amazingly successful launch and the V cool Milk magazine (www.milkmagasine.net) awarded it “Le Prix, Le Haricot Magique” (The Bean Stalk Prize); for the best new green baby product at the show.

Baby To B are over the moon with the take up on the BecoPottyand they are already taking on lots of new stockists across France…

Bien Fait Baby To B!

George the Giraffe

PS – Check out photos at Baby To B’s and BecoThings’ French facebook page (
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Brush-Baby-France/118472778186494?v=photos&ref=ts#!/pages/Becothings-France/133418050022412?ref=ts) and become a fan at the same time

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