Doing our eco bit for Children In Need

It’s Children In Need time again! The annual event when lots of people go around making a fool of themselves for a good cause.

Here are a couple of Children in Need facts to get you in the spirit:

1.)    The BBC’s first broadcast appeal for children was a five-minute radio programme on Christmas Day in 1927. It raised £1,143 18s 3d and the proceeds were shared with four prominent children’s charities.

2.)    Pudsey made his television debut in 1985. He was designed by Joanna Ball, who named him after the West Yorkshire town where she was born.

Check out our top 5 Eco Friendly Children in Need fundraising ideas:

1. Pay to go to work in fancy dress as an endangered animal– who will dress up as the most obscure and endangered animal!?

2. Colour your hair spotty with vegetable inks.

3. Fine anyone at work a £1 if they don’t recycle their recyclable rubbish

4. A Sponsored hop to work. See photo of Jimbo hopping into Industrial estate all the way from SW3. Great effort Jimbo!

5. Get people to for you to go Veggie for a day (we didn’t enjoy this one in the BecoOffice).

As well as getting involved with some of these fundraising ideas, we have shown our spots by donating ten percent of the retail price of every BecoPotty for the rest of November period. So you can buy your BecoPotty now at  and be safe in the knowledge that you are not only buying eco, but also helping a great cause!

*Visit for more information on Children in Need and please donate!


BecoPotty included in a book to celebrate the Best Children’s Brands!

BecoThings are over the moon to hear the news that they’ve been voted to be included in a book which celebrates the best brands and products for children in Germany under the age of 10! The BecoPotty made the shortlist, which showcases brands such as Bugaboo, Hipp Organic, Avent and many more prestigious brands.

The book will be sold throughout Germany in book stores, department stores and nursery stores. Two euros of every book sold will be donated to the charity “Children for a Better World E.V.” Children for a Better World supports projects both within and outside Germany that address and improve the living conditions and situations of children in desperate need and enable them to take responsibility for their lives.

The BecoTeam are thrilled to bits to be included in a group of brands and products that are so highly thought of worldwide. Thank you to BecoThings Germany and Silvia for all hard work in getting us there!

We’re now hoping that millions of German children will be burying their BecoPotties in the garden after they’ve finished potty training!


Rain rain go away…. or if you’d rather you can stay

ALL this rain in July could be dampening spirits in the BecoOffice- but Bell the Bumble Bee and her friends are keeping the summer alive with thoughts of the garden growing!

Having fun growing in your garden with the wee ones is a great way to get them thinking about the environment and where things come from. As well as having lots of fun planting; your little ones will be thrilled when things start to grow.

A few ideas of what to plant with your tots in July…

Broad Beans, Dwarf Beans, Mung Beans, Beetroot, Spring Cabbage, Carrots (for continuation), Next years Cauliflowers, Chicory, Coriander (Cilantro), Endive, Kohl Rabi, Lettuce for continuation and winter lettuce, Pak Choi, Peas, Radicchio, Radish, Turnips.

Beans and peas are particularly good for growing with the little ones as they tend to be familiar with them and might even like them!

A few flowers for sowing in July if you have flower fairies in your family…

Camomile, Clematis, Daisy, Forget-me-not, Perennial Pansy, Polyanthus, Primrose.

So we’ll be putting our watering devices to the side and making the most of the rain. Molly the dog doesn’t seem too happy about it though- she loves running under the sprinkler!

If you love getting out in the garden with your kids you’ll love our potty planting idea…

After your BecoBaby has graduated from potty training and no longer needs their BecoPotty, plant it in the garden! Let your little one sow some seeds over it and watch the flowers grow while your potty enters its next life phase. (When in the soil the clever waste plant material that our BecoPotties (and all of our other products) are made from will gradually decompose into compost!)

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Potty Training the FUN way

Potty training needn’t be a looming nightmare for parents and children alike- have a look at our fun BecoTips and enjoy this exciting milestone with your tot.

Fun 1. Help your little one to write their name or draw on their potty with pens- making the potty fun will automatically make your child more inclined to use it.

Fun 2. Let your child choose the colour of their Potty as this can help promote a positive association with it (Ben at the BecoOffice chose a Pink BecoPotty) and encourage them to name it (Ben likes to call his the BecoThrone!)

Fun 3. Play your little one’s favourite CD when they use the potty in order to maintain interest. Alternatively play their favourite song when they perform!

Fun 4. Create a star chart for your little one, let them put stickers up after a successful potty trip and reward them with a small treat after five stickers.

Fun 5.  Find books with a toilet training theme and read them with your tot. Our favourite from childhood is Tony Ross’ “I want my potty”.

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Eco friendly Potty Training Tips

Why not potty train the green way. Here are our BecoTips on how to potty train your child and help save the planet while you do it! (All in a days work ay mums and dads!?)

Green 1. Make sure you buy an Eco Friendly Potty, Ben recommends his BecoPotty because it was made sustainably and it will be biodegradable once he has finished his training!

Green 2. Use Training Pants that are made from non-chlorine materials or are machine washable. These create less waste and provide an eco friendly alternative to conventional pull up nappy pants.

Green 3. Start potty training as early as you can (when your child is ready) and get them out of nappies to help reduce nappy waste. The BecoPotty is small enough to enable you to start potty training from when your baby can sit unassisted if you want to!

Green 4. Try to potty train during summer months so that clothes can be removed and hopefully less washing will be created!

Green 5. Once Potty Training is complete- Ceremoniously bury your BecoPotty in the garden (it will biodegrade over time when in contact with soil as it is made from waste plant fibres). If you plant a sunflower in it you can let your child watch it grow up just like they have done!

Once your child has potty trained the eco friendly way he becomes a BecoBaby. Please do send us photos of your potty graduate for the BecoArchives!

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Potty Training Tips

June is National Potty Training Month!

Mums all over the place are buying their potties, clearing their diaries and getting ready for lots of tiny toilet talk.

We’re going join them…

Here at the BecoOffice we have been Potty Training Ben the Elephant and we would like to share with you some of our top BecoTips for successful BecoPotty Training.

1. Don’t be too eager when potty training, make sure you are only presenting the potty to your child at the appropriate times, if your child get’s bored of their potty they are less likely to successfully train. Good times to try are: just before or straight after a nap, about 15 minutes after food or drink or if you can see tell tale signs such as squatting, shifting, facial expression… (you know the ones)… This will help with creating the correct associations with the potty.  Also try to work out a rough pattern in your child’s routine- note down when you are changing nappies the week before you start potty training to try to see the best times for your child to sit on the potty.

2. Take your little one into the loo with you when you go and encourage them to sit beside you- turning taps on can encourage results (don’t leave them running though!)

3. Take your tot to buy a new book or toy to read or play with when on the potty (and only when on the potty). However, do not let your child sit on the potty for longer than five minutes without result (unless results seem imminent)- the toy should be a treat for results on the potty, not the potty an excuse for a treat!

4. Make sure you do not squirm when you empty the potty or if there are any spills! Your child needs to feel comfortable around the potty and if you give them the impression that it is dirty they are likely to try to avoid it. Equally you should name your child’s potty uses in a way that you will not be embarrassed to say in public- if literal terms are going to make you cringe when your child shouts them at you across the park then your child is going to think they are doing something wrong by telling you that they need to go- the exact opposite of how you need to be making them feel.

5. ALWAYS carry spare clothes with you and do not make a fuss when an accident occurs. It is VERY important that there is very little fuss made after an “accident” your child needs to know that if they are trying then an accident is no big deal!

Remember that your child is unique- and you should therefore go at their pace and not the pace of your friends!

Patience is the BecoTopTip for success.

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BecoPotty featured on 100% MAG on M6 TV in France

The guys at Baby to B have just let us know that the BecoPotty featured on the 100% MAG show on the M6 channel (Metropole television) in France. For those of you who are not familiar with French TV channels, M6 is the second most watched television network in the French-speaking world so its great to see the BecoPotty making an appearance  on a one of their review shows.

View the video on

If you’re not interested in cute bears and cats (how couldn’t you be!), our potty makes it’s appearance at 2:10 minutes into the video. Happy viewing!

Angus the Dog


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BecoThings and the BecoPotty Launch in France!

Baby To B our French distributor launched the BecoPotty at Paris’ Playtime Trade show last weekend. It was an amazingly successful launch and the V cool Milk magazine ( awarded it “Le Prix, Le Haricot Magique” (The Bean Stalk Prize); for the best new green baby product at the show.

Baby To B are over the moon with the take up on the BecoPottyand they are already taking on lots of new stockists across France…

Bien Fait Baby To B!

George the Giraffe

PS – Check out photos at Baby To B’s and BecoThings’ French facebook page (!/pages/Becothings-France/133418050022412?ref=ts) and become a fan at the same time


Win a BecoPotty at

For your chance to win a BecoPotty please go to The competition runs for the whole of April

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