Potty Training Tips

June is National Potty Training Month!

Mums all over the place are buying their potties, clearing their diaries and getting ready for lots of tiny toilet talk.

We’re going join them…

Here at the BecoOffice we have been Potty Training Ben the Elephant and we would like to share with you some of our top BecoTips for successful BecoPotty Training.

1. Don’t be too eager when potty training, make sure you are only presenting the potty to your child at the appropriate times, if your child get’s bored of their potty they are less likely to successfully train. Good times to try are: just before or straight after a nap, about 15 minutes after food or drink or if you can see tell tale signs such as squatting, shifting, facial expression… (you know the ones)… This will help with creating the correct associations with the potty.  Also try to work out a rough pattern in your child’s routine- note down when you are changing nappies the week before you start potty training to try to see the best times for your child to sit on the potty.

2. Take your little one into the loo with you when you go and encourage them to sit beside you- turning taps on can encourage results (don’t leave them running though!)

3. Take your tot to buy a new book or toy to read or play with when on the potty (and only when on the potty). However, do not let your child sit on the potty for longer than five minutes without result (unless results seem imminent)- the toy should be a treat for results on the potty, not the potty an excuse for a treat!

4. Make sure you do not squirm when you empty the potty or if there are any spills! Your child needs to feel comfortable around the potty and if you give them the impression that it is dirty they are likely to try to avoid it. Equally you should name your child’s potty uses in a way that you will not be embarrassed to say in public- if literal terms are going to make you cringe when your child shouts them at you across the park then your child is going to think they are doing something wrong by telling you that they need to go- the exact opposite of how you need to be making them feel.

5. ALWAYS carry spare clothes with you and do not make a fuss when an accident occurs. It is VERY important that there is very little fuss made after an “accident” your child needs to know that if they are trying then an accident is no big deal!

Remember that your child is unique- and you should therefore go at their pace and not the pace of your friends!

Patience is the BecoTopTip for success.

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Our BecoStep’s 2nd life… as a planter!

At BecoThings we are always looking at the environmental benefits to our products across their entire life cycle from the materials they are made from all the way to where they finish up once they are disposed of. Now we are very proud that all our products biodegrade but we’re not stopping there and we always keep and eye out for a 2nd use for our products.

Here is a great one…

After a few years of valuable service as your children’s step up stool why not turn your BecoStep into a remarkably attractive planter? This might sound a bit ridiculous but trust us, they look great and what better place for the step to spend its latter days. Here are a couple of efforts by the team to inspire you:

BecoStep Planters

BecoStep Planters


Angus the Dog

Angus the Dog


That’s a lot of steps! New BecoSteps just in.

Our latest product, the BecoStep – a step up stool that now compliments our hugely successful potty, recently arrived in our main UK warehouse and is already finding its was to a number of retailers. Toby the Teddy and the team have been working hard with the design over the last couple of months, testing and prototyping the step to ensure that the finished product is of excellent quality as well as having our usual eye catching design style. Particular focus has been on achieving a top surface that provides as much grip as rubber but just utilising our unique biodegradable material. As with the BecoPotty it is available in three colours – natural, pink and blue. Click here to find out more.

Here’s a fun photo of a lot of steps out while the guys were doing a stock and quality check:

Lots of BecoSteps!

Lots of BecoSteps!


Angus the Dog

Angus the Dog


BecoBowl Is Named in The Top 10 Pet Supplies of 2010


The unique concept and great looks of the BecoBowl has helped it get into NetPetShop’s top 10 pet supplies of 2010.

NetPetShop praised the bowl based on customer reaction and feedback, saying “We love the simplicity of the BecoBowl. Our customers have raved about it, saying that they are so pleased they have found a bowl that is more environmentally friendly than a regular plastic bowl but looks nice in their kitchen. We find lots of customers come back for a second bowl so they can have one as a food bowl and one as a water bowl. Aside from the eco benefits, our customers also love the BecoBowl because it is shaped in such a way that makes feeding easy, for both dogs and cats.”

The staff also raised another new benefit of the BecoBowl, which excites us even more. “We have had quite a few customers in the past who say their pets will not drink or eat out of bowls made of steel or shiny plastic. After some research we had discovered that dogs (and cats) can feel stressed if they see their reflection in their bowl. This problem is overcome due to the special materials used in the BecoBowl and this is now the product we always recommend in those instances.”

The BecoFamily are over the moon at the accolade from NetPetShop, especially Toby the Teddy, who wants to give everyone at the NetPetShop a very big bear hug…



BecoPotty featured on 100% MAG on M6 TV in France

The guys at Baby to B have just let us know that the BecoPotty featured on the 100% MAG show on the M6 channel (Metropole television) in France. For those of you who are not familiar with French TV channels, M6 is the second most watched television network in the French-speaking world so its great to see the BecoPotty making an appearance  on a one of their review shows.

View the video on m6bonus.fr

If you’re not interested in cute bears and cats (how couldn’t you be!), our potty makes it’s appearance at 2:10 minutes into the video. Happy viewing!

Angus the Dog


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Sneak peek – the new BecoScoop

Toby the Teddy has just sent me a photo of our latest pet product, the BecoScoop. Now although Toby & his phone don’t exactly result in professional quality photos (its not a bad effort considering teddies don’t have opposable thumbs!) I thought I would give you a sneaky peek preview.

The BecoScoop is our new pet food scoop to accompany the BecoBowls that continue to sell like hot cakes. It’s a half litre scoop made out of our eco-friendly plant fibre material and will be available in our usual range of colours.

New BecoScoop pet food scoop

The BecoScoop will be on sale soon and if you would like more information on it or pre-order please contact us.

Keep an eye out here for news on more exciting products that are on the way!

Angus the Dog

Angus the Dog


BecoThings and the BecoPotty Launch in France!

Baby To B our French distributor launched the BecoPotty at Paris’ Playtime Trade show last weekend. It was an amazingly successful launch and the V cool Milk magazine (www.milkmagasine.net) awarded it “Le Prix, Le Haricot Magique” (The Bean Stalk Prize); for the best new green baby product at the show.

Baby To B are over the moon with the take up on the BecoPottyand they are already taking on lots of new stockists across France…

Bien Fait Baby To B!

George the Giraffe

PS – Check out photos at Baby To B’s and BecoThings’ French facebook page (
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Brush-Baby-France/118472778186494?v=photos&ref=ts#!/pages/Becothings-France/133418050022412?ref=ts) and become a fan at the same time


We’re off to Interzoo 2010

Tomorrow morning the BecoTeam are off to Interzoo the world’s biggest pet product trade show. We’ll be taking lots of BecoBowls and the new BecoTray (the sustainable and biodegradable cat litter tray). If you’re at the show please pop in at stand 510 in Hall 9 (inside the UK Pavilion) to say “hello” and to see all our new products.



Win a BecoPotty at GreenKiddie.co.uk

For your chance to win a BecoPotty please go to http://www.greenkiddie.co.uk/Competition.php. The competition runs for the whole of April


happy christmas from BecoThings!

christmas is finally here, bringing about the end of another year and boy, what a busy one it’s been for BecoThings! from launching exciting new products to winning awards, 2009 has been a great [and somewhat hectic!] year for us. in the true style of christmas tv we thought we’d bring you a ‘best of BecoThings 2009’ round-up… so grab a mince pie and some egg nog and read on…

we kicked off the year to a flying start with the launch of the BecoPotty, the eco-friendly potty. made from recycled waste plant material, the BecoPotty is the eco-friendly way to potty train and is not only kind on your little one, but also kind on the environment. along with our printed cardboard BecoHangers, it was launched into jo jo maman bebe. january also saw the start of the [now infamous] BecoBlog, bringing you all the latest BecoThings news, as well as articles on all our best eco-friendly finds

in february we dipped our paws and hooves even further into the world wide web and joined twitter. one of the first things we announced was the launch of our Fibre Hanger. made from our unique plant fibre material, the Fibre Hanger is designed to replace standard plastic hangers that fill up landfill sites, damaging our environment. we also twittered away about eco news and views… as well as the teddy and dog’s continuous chocolate eating!

it was time for the teddy to don his tool belt in march to get our stand designed and built for the harrogate nursery show. thankfully he emerged unscathed from all the sawing and hammering and was able to accompany the giraffe and elephant to the show where our range of BecoThings products got a great reception. once back from the show it was all paws on deck as we fitted out the sparkly new BecoOffice. the teddy still had the d.i.y. bug so put his skills to good use by making us a great big BecoThings sign whilst the dog and i had the more taxing task of cleaning and tidying… the teddy and giraffe were mysteriously absent for this part!

the teddy and giraffe were soon on the road again when BecoThings exhibited at the nec baby show 2009. the show was a real success and it was great to meet some of our customers and hear all the fab things they had to say about our products. may was also the month that we launched the BecoPotty across the pond in the united states.

whilst i was soaking up some sun on holiday, the rest of the BecoFamily were no doubt up to all sorts of trouble… however they did welcome the first shipment of BecoBowls to the u.k. and set about marketing them to pet stores nationwide. i arrived back just in time to hear the exciting news that we had reached the semi-final of the hsbc start-up stars awards… and to keep an eye on the teddy who the dog informed me had been causing all sorts of cardboard related mischief! luckily for me help was soon on hand to teddy-sit in the form of lucy the parrot, the newest addition to the BecoFamily.

despite george the giraffe heading off on holiday, the rest of us just about managed to keep the office ticking along and launched the BecoBowl into pets corner. angus the dog celebrated with a very large bag of scooby snacks whilst the rest of us stuck to very large ice creams [i swear the teddy’s one was larger than he is!].

september was the month of the BecoBowl, which won best new product at the 2009 glee pet index awards. the teddy and giraffe, dressed in their sunday best, collected the award at the inaugural pet industry awards dinner. the award judges were really impressed by our plant fibre pet bowl, the first bio-degradable food bowl to reach the market, offering pet owners a unique and eco-friendly alternative to traditional bowls… perfect for the dog to enjoy even more celebratory scooby snacks from.

it started as a little potty idea, but in november our BecoPotty helped us win an award for best innovation at the mother and baby awards. just when we thought we couldn’t get any more excited, BecoThings then won the 2009 hsbc stars green award! the teddy and the giraffe went along to collect the award where they mingled with the likes of duncan bannatyne and lord mandelson, secretary of state for business, at the black-tie gala dinner held at london’s inter-continental hotel… thankfully toby and george scrub up well when suited and booted!

the teddy and giraffe managed to tear themselves away from mischieveous antics in the snow to go and pick up BecoVan1, the latest addition to the family, allowing us to get all our Beco bits and bobs from a to b [to c in some cases when george gets a little bit lost!]. whilst the boys played with their new toy, i was busy baking gingerbread bunnies and researching all the best tips and tricks for an eco-friendly christmas. i heard today that the teddy has now been snowed in, keeping him out of trouble until christmas… though i still think he’ll be lucky if he’s made santa’s nice list!

we really appreciate all the support we have received throughout the year. we have lots of exciting things planned for next year, including the launch of the BecoTray, the eco-friendly kitty litter tray… keep an eye on the BecoBlog and our twitter page for all the latest updates.

so, all that’s left for us to say is we hope you all have a very happy christmas and new year… see you in 2010!

natalie the bunny. x.

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