BecoPotty included in a book to celebrate the Best Children’s Brands!

BecoThings are over the moon to hear the news that they’ve been voted to be included in a book which celebrates the best brands and products for children in Germany under the age of 10! The BecoPotty made the shortlist, which showcases brands such as Bugaboo, Hipp Organic, Avent and many more prestigious brands.

The book will be sold throughout Germany in book stores, department stores and nursery stores. Two euros of every book sold will be donated to the charity “Children for a Better World E.V.” http://www.children.de/_englisch/02ueberuns/frameset00.htm. Children for a Better World supports projects both within and outside Germany that address and improve the living conditions and situations of children in desperate need and enable them to take responsibility for their lives.

The BecoTeam are thrilled to bits to be included in a group of brands and products that are so highly thought of worldwide. Thank you to BecoThings Germany and Silvia for all hard work in getting us there!

We’re now hoping that millions of German children will be burying their BecoPotties in the garden after they’ve finished potty training!

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