‘Baby Cool’ award!

1st prize

Here in the BecoThings office we are not the sort to brag about our success and push it in to the laps of our competitors but rather sit back and be proud of our achievements up at Beco HQ.

Even way back in the early days of BecoThings, we didn’t make a big song and dance when we were crowned the UK’s best Green Start-Up Business…

… Or when we won the GLEE award for best pet innovation…

Or when our BecoPotty won the award for ‘Best new innovation” at the annual Mother and Baby awards…
So when we received an email from our lovely French distributor – Selection Naturelle – informing us that our Beco feeding set had won an award for being the no.1 product in the ‘eating’ category at the Babycool Trade show in Paris – we thought we would stay true to tradition, hoist our metaphorical BecoFlag into the air and inwardly cried ‘whoop! Whoop!’ a couple of times. Plus, we’re also filling you in now in case you didn’t know about all of our wonderful achievements we’ve been given over the years, so you’re fully up to date.

Prix des Mamans

Our feeding set was up against products ranging from bottles, plates, bibs, high chairs and booster seats with fierce competition from dozens of competitors. The prizes were awarded by a jury of 7 prominent bloggers, in partnership with the magazine Parole de Mamans, the only parents’ magazine written by mothers and edited by the magazine’s journalists. We wish to extend a big thank you to Selection Naturelle for entering us and an even bigger thank you to Parole de Mamans for knowing a top-notch product when they see one!

We’re chuffed whenever we win a prize; everybody loves positive feedback for their hard work. But winning prizes isn’t our goal. We’re just trying to create great eco-friendly products for pets, babies and toddlers that are convenient, colourful and practical.

Mothers and pet owners clearly love our products, but we’ve got plenty more tricks up our sleeves for even more great products for you all to enjoy. Learning and innovation go hand in hand. We obviously want to produce things that people want. We are going to continue to do that in an environmentally responsible way, while still being aware of the physical, scientific, and practical issues that we have to deal with.

Please forgive us for the slightly boastful blog post, but everyone is allowed to take pride in their achievements from time to time, right? Thanks for reading and remember – stay eco!

Prix des mamans Beco Feeding Set

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Now that the sun is out, is it time to ditch the diaper?

Hurray, it is finally here! The long awaited spike in temperature has arrived in full force, paving the path towards avid trips to great spaces of green and splash sessions in paddling pools.
Many parents choose this season of the year (especially when it makes a commitment to stay with us), to potty train their little ones as it is warm enough for a toddler to be nude and comfortable, plus it doesn’t amount to a rapid increase in the laundry hamper pile.
Even if you choose to follow the strip down instead of the strip off toddler potty training routine, fewer layers offers the opportunity to avoid little accidents and to introduce pull ups or underwear which can help the process along at a swifter pace.
However, does the presence of the sun really mean it is the best time to change our habits and routines? Will potty training be a greater success in a heat wave or is this just an excuse to put it off forever (if you live in the UK)? There are definitely two sides to this debate.
Some parents suggest that during the colder months of the year you spend more time indoors, and this gives parents an opportunity to create a schedule for a potty visits after meals. Therefore the art is mastered swiftly and in a structured fashion. Oh we can dream!
However and whenever you choose to grab your BecoPotty and potty train, don’t forget to have fun with it as they will all learn eventually but some added enthusiasm and encouragement will definitely go a long way.

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Animals? At the Olympics?

Whilst there are the Loews Coronado Bay Dog Surf Competition, Crufts, and plenty of other events for our BecoPets throughout the year it dawned on us at BecoThings this morning that there is no animal Olympics.

Danny Boyle’s intention of using live animals in the Olympics opening ceremony to create his vision of our ‘green and pleasant land’ was unsurprisingly met with hostility from animal rights activists, earlier this year.

Including chicken, horses, sheep and cows (to name but a few) many worry of the safety of these animals and the resulting trauma they face. Yet, whilst it may seem a bizarre proposition, Boyle is only adding to the already strange history of animals at the Olympics.

Below we have summed up a brief history of animals at the Olympics, the good and the bad…

Of course in Ancient Greece, chariot racing was one of the events at the ancient Olympic games, the horses got off lightly, as their bovine friends were sacrificed on great pyres to the gods, the remaining meat fed to the spectators.

At  the games of 1900, pigeon shooting was introduced as a sport. The only sport of this kind ever to be hosted at an Olympic games, and was quickly removed from the line up. The event was terribly messy and was perhaps more ethically replaced by the clays used today.

Equestrian sport continues to be a popular attraction for Olympic spectators, with jumping originally dominated by the military. As the military became more mechanised civilians were able to take part. Dressage events also form part of the paralympic games.

This year’s mascots are somewhat unusual, if not unidentifiable, and out of keeping with the former animal tradition, where countries usually choose an animal symbol of their nation as a mascot. For example, the Moscow mascot was a bear, whilst the Sydney games used a platypus, an echidna and a kookaburra.

Since the uproar Boyle continues to use animals in his show, stating that they will be looked after better than the human acts in the show.

Rumour has it the animals demands are already somewhat steeper than the more celebrated acts, with livestock requesting udder massages, and kilos of fresh Salisbury grass. BecoThings patiently awaits its order of designer BecoToys and eco friendly Becobowls..


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Boogie on down with hip eco moves: Your pounding moves power the dance floor

Wondering where to party this weekend? Hesitate no further and head to UK’s first eco nightclub. The world’s first eco club Surya, based in Islington was set up in 2008. An environmentally sustainable club that sees green as the new black; don’t stop dancing though or you’ll make the lights go out!

That’s right the dancers literally power the dance floor and it doesn’t stop there it’s a club so eco friendly that it will donate surplus electricity to its neighbours.  Property developer Andrew Charalambous aka Dr Earth (self named) claims :

“The club aims to stop preaching to people and use an inclusive philosophy to create the revolution needed to combat climate change.’

Surya is a Club4Climate project, which is London’s first taste of eco-friendly clubbing, making clubbers happy in the knowledge that their organic eco dance moves can generate 60% of the energy needed to run the club.

The venue’s most exciting innovation is the piezoelectric dancefloor, which uses quartz crystals and ceramics to turn clubbers’ movement into electricity! The venue has the latest air flush, waterless urinals and low flush toilets and sells drinks in polycarbon cups.

Entrance is £10 and there’s a rumour that customers will only be allowed in if they sign a pledge promising to work towards curbing climate change…Top Marks!

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Lyon’s Eco- Festival of Lights

Forget the bright lights of Blackpool and Vegas and head down to Lyon and take a pre-Christmas trip to get you in the spirit and feast your eyes on the luminous and glittering Festival of Lights in Lyon.

The history of Fête des Lumières pays tribute to the Virgin Mary, who is said to have spared the city from the plague in 1643. So every year up to four million people swarm the city and join to commemorate and give thanks to the Virgin Mary.

The spectacular Lyon Festival of Lights is an annual event that promises to leave you nothing less than awestruck with up to 80 quirky animations and projections on the facades of historic buildings. Don’t be hasty and rush round to see everything, it’s a four day event. So you’ll have plenty of time to peruse the dazzling City of Lyon and you’ll surely want to come back again.

The Festival of Lights is not only a stunning sight, it highlights important environmental issues (and you know this is close to our hearts). You would assume that this four day lighting extravaganza would cost millions, but it surprisingly cost just a measly £3000. This year’s motto, “Light More but Consume Less” aims to get everybody thinking about their carbon footprint. By getting more people outside for the four day extravaganza it’s not only educational but also means fewer people are consuming electricity within their home!

One of the BecoTeam, Lizzy the Lizzard, was lucky enough to enjoy the festival. Have a look below, and watch my star pick spectacle of 2009’s Fête de Lumières.

I have begged George the Giraffe to take the BecoOffice for a business trip for next year!! I currently have everything crossed that he says ‘yes’. Early Christmas Present perhaps?

So don’t hesitate to book a last minute train down to Lyon!


Mums and Dads create an online storm of parental wisdom.

The phenomenon of Mum and Dad blogging has taken online by storm. In the past decade, Mums and Dads across the UK have been jotting down the nitty-gritty stuff of parenting, giving those in need handy tips for keeping their kids entertained and providing an insight into the best products and brands out there. Many parents see blogging as an escape from the difficult yet rewarding adventure of having to raise their kids and the popularity of these online blogs shows the huge public interest in the highs and lows of parenting.

At BecoThings we’ve found so many parenting blogs inspiring and entertaining that we can’t mention them all, but here is a shortlist of some of our favourites:

1.) A Boy with Asperger’s: So inspirational! Claire does such a great job at raising awareness for Autism in such an uplifting way…

2.) The Mummy Whisperer: We were particularly fond of this blog because it talks about how to bring up your children in an eco friendly way, and you all know this very important for BecoThings!

3.) Bringing up Charlie: Let’s not give all the credit to mums, this blog shows that men aren’t completely useless when it comes to domesticated chores and bringing up children. Keep up the good work Tim…

4.) A Modern Mother: Set up by Susanna Scott the founder of Brit Mums and a well-known mumpreneur, this blog tackles some controversial issues and therefore always makes interesting reading!

BecoThings wants to give a round of applause to all those Mums and Dads blogging their socks off night and day whilst still trying to juggle the trials and tribulations of parenthood. Keep up the good work!

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The Chronicles of a BecoBowl- Bertie goes to Wimbledon Tennis

The life of a BecoBowl is a happy one, every BecoBowl knows its roots… made sustainably from plant waste and biodegradable after their long and happy lives they are smug little things, reveling in their eco credentials. Bertie the cheeky Blue BecoBowl, is even luckier than most BecoBowls- he’s a bowl about town. This week Bertie was lucky enough to get Centre Court tickets at Wimbledon Tennis where he sat among the suited and booted to watch Andy Roddick and Andy Murray!

Bertie was sad to see Andy Roddick beaten in straight sets by Feliciano Lopez but he managed to cheer himself up a little bit in the members bar before going back onto Centre Court to watch Andy Murray!


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Potty Training the FUN way

Potty training needn’t be a looming nightmare for parents and children alike- have a look at our fun BecoTips and enjoy this exciting milestone with your tot.

Fun 1. Help your little one to write their name or draw on their potty with pens- making the potty fun will automatically make your child more inclined to use it.

Fun 2. Let your child choose the colour of their Potty as this can help promote a positive association with it (Ben at the BecoOffice chose a Pink BecoPotty) and encourage them to name it (Ben likes to call his the BecoThrone!)

Fun 3. Play your little one’s favourite CD when they use the potty in order to maintain interest. Alternatively play their favourite song when they perform!

Fun 4. Create a star chart for your little one, let them put stickers up after a successful potty trip and reward them with a small treat after five stickers.

Fun 5.  Find books with a toilet training theme and read them with your tot. Our favourite from childhood is Tony Ross’ “I want my potty”.

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BecoThings and the BecoPotty Launch in France!

Baby To B our French distributor launched the BecoPotty at Paris’ Playtime Trade show last weekend. It was an amazingly successful launch and the V cool Milk magazine ( awarded it “Le Prix, Le Haricot Magique” (The Bean Stalk Prize); for the best new green baby product at the show.

Baby To B are over the moon with the take up on the BecoPottyand they are already taking on lots of new stockists across France…

Bien Fait Baby To B!

George the Giraffe

PS – Check out photos at Baby To B’s and BecoThings’ French facebook page (!/pages/Becothings-France/133418050022412?ref=ts) and become a fan at the same time


Made for Mums review of the BecoPotty

I’ve just come across this review on on the BecoPotty, our eco friendly potty that is made from risk husks, the waste product of rice farming.

Thank you for the nice comments mums!

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